A New Approach to Cancer

Exploiting Cancer's Vulnerabilities

Multiple Clinical Candidates with Pan-Cancer Potential

Treadwell Therapeutics is a clinical stage Oncology company with a presence in the US, Canada, China, and Hong Kong. Our vision is to create a multi-modality, multi-asset and multi-national biotechnology organization developing first-in-class and best-in-class medicines to address unmet needs for cancer patients. Treadwell harnesses the unique innovations from our founders, partners, and the world-class scientists in the company’s R&D organization. We leverage a lifetime of research and commercial success from leading scientists, including Dr. Tak Mak and Dr. Mark Davis who co-discovered the T-cell receptor in 1984.

Treadwell is advancing three internally developed novel small molecule clinical candidates with pan cancer potential directed towards cell cycle and immune-oncology targets with multiple expected upcoming points of value inflection. The Company has a robust pre-clinical pipeline of novel Biologic candidates in the immune-oncology space as well as a differentiated cell therapy platform.